Tuesday, 3 May 2016

SL Great Sims

SecondLife is the worlds premier Virtual Reality platform and has been active for over a decade, long before vr goggles became commercially available.

I joined SL in 2012 when I finally got a powerful enough computer. It has changed my life.

I have learned that in VR everything is transient. The environments we create and cohabit change over time and will ultimately disappear. What remains of them is any 2D snapshot photographs, machinima and memories.

This blog series is about sharing some of the atmosphere and emotions created by the SL Master Builders whose environmental works of art I have been fortunate enough to experience.

The task of showcasing all of the best of SL is impossible as there is so much of it; thus this humble effort is merely a tiny insight into a much vaster world. It is for purposes of nostalgia and for introducing new people to what SecondLife is all about.

There are some amazing people who do regular professional blogs about SL Sims and Events. I do not intend to keep this series going beyond having recorded for posterity a small handful of those Sims which really stand out to me as being something special. The criteria is that I wander around them in a state of 'wow!' and gather my senses enough to take as many snapshots as possible, enough of an impact to do some research and compilation.

I make no claim of ownership, this is for educational and marketing purposes only.

Unfortunately I did not 'get into this' blogging about sims during my formative years. As a result I have very little to show of the works of master builder Jedda Zenovka who took me on as a student and showed me how to do a lot of things. I am deeply indebted to her passion for creativity in VR. Her work truly stands out - it is organic and pulses with life.

Unfortunately I was banned from Builders Brewery when one of the admin there Pavl Duke decided to cyber bully me because I replied to somebodies request for information on their group chat instead of by PM which is an easy mistake to make and 99.99% of other sims do not have that restriction. I had apologized and it was not good enough for him so I told him to leave me alone. BB is a great sim but like so many internet forums, the admin are the trolls and they have no empathy thus are inhuman and problematic to deal with. Do not let one bad apple spoil the orchard.

©SecondLife is property of Linden Labs

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