Tuesday, 19 January 2016

the kohl club

Ah me seems to wasting an inaudible amount of time in 3D constructing versions of a Goth venue inspired by cathedral architecture and basement clubs. Eventually one of them will do, like ravens in the dark grabbed through the late-night sleaze-haze of tibetan-musk scented fog machine and whatever cocktail the mashy group-mind are thriving on this night; vodka and black or cider and black or rum and ginger or pills or spliffs or grog and usually someone is on all of the above to bring it on. Grabbed and snogged in an alcove and pleasured until cenobytes come oozing out of the walls and everyone smiling through tear-stained mascara.

The Kohl club is this place and the music is awesome, something familiar yet new, prototypical vibes from shadows inside. You knew when you came in here you would be coming back for more, you have keys to the open door so long as you fit in and i am sure darling that you fit in well.

This is a scene from a dream that has not quite been although it's splattered all over the globe in its dribbulous drabulous most fabulous guises. Here, retro meets cyber meets all things black. That's the dress code and we don't cut slack.

Photo's to follow. 

This one is for SecondLife VR when we can afford to rent the land and figure out how the dj stuff works. 

Some WIPs for your sincerely treasured pleasures.
These have not got any final textures on yet.

Fifteen minutes after posting this up I came back to sort out typo's, much satisfied and surprised to find 80 beautiful people have clicked on this already. Totally open to suggestion as it is that sort of place. Comments below for the brave of face.

So the base is 28x38 its 2 stories high and anticipated at 16 Prim for the very basic 'pillars & arches' box; any more detail than that (lights fog tables chairs wall-art) and it quickly rises. Doing it at all means it's worth doing it right. Up late into the night until it's done, having fun. If i can't get the land it will be in sl market and in great demand.

Update: 12 hours later there's 170 views. Hell that's a lot of pressure to do this thing and get it right. Assuming it to indicate a need for such things in the world as more cybergoth clubs I will persevere.

                                          PLEASE JOIN GROUP SLGOTH INWORLD!

Update 20.1.16:
Twin Blog HERE and you will be interested to know how Masonic ritual affects the lives of all you who have gotten involved by sending your Attention-Energy through these grids.

Update 7.7.17:
the Kohl Club is for now located at:  Tabula Rasa #13,  (215, 166, 201)
for purposes of its construction and development and a grand opening ceremony tba.

graffiti competition for backstage wall

in an alcove

ornate wrought iron door

vino tinto / snakebite / vodka / rum / caffeine

cloak room lockers

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