Thursday, 2 February 2017

Brutal Deco"

Multi-Funk Mansions

The Spice Haus project was a breakthough and first in a series. This second one is bigger, ambitious and refined. Originally copied from a medieval inn, it juggles and settles somewhere between the three main themes I am working with: angled edges of brutalist corporate 80s cyberpunk, desert dwellings and Kausao City. The latter are both sandstone while the cyberpunk to do it justice should be greyscale with shadows and shine. Midnight blue features in two of the three. 

These buildings do not really know what they want to be, simply that they do want to be.  They have a combination of features which makes them very versatile. Is it an inn, a garage, a company office, a mansion? They are multifunctional mansions which is the best title for the series. There will be more - and they are becoming easier to make because growing library of custom shapes, building blocks for the series and shop.

The WIP pictures above represent 6 hours slog. 
I don't know if that is fast or slow. 
Everything is scratch-built. 
The design grew from the illustration below 
(top right)

NB: there will be hyperlinks on this blog when my browser stops glitching.

3rd (WIP): calling this one The Depot

Monday, 30 January 2017

Urban Infrastructure

My production pipeline for 3D generally results in cyberpunk urban environments. Inspired as it is by real life urban environments and digital concept art alike.

So I want to provide the infrastructure for lego-like builders basic bricks which can be arranged to make the urban environment. I look at Brutalism, Deco and Gaudi, architectural styles. I look at Tudor and Japanese traditions which both follow very similar formats, not the oak, wattle and daub compared with bamboo and paper of the materials but of the black square with white interior aesthetic. Tudor has also the same 45 degree angle slants (okay so the degree varies organically because largely oak was used in construction, a wood which is flexible and organic in its grain - for our purpose of keeping things simple to reduce lag in cyberspace we will call it horizontal, vertical and 45 degree slant) as does so much of the 80s and post-80’s retro-80s cyberpunk house style.

My first experiment with making this interesting is the SpiceHaus project, the colour scheme of which is from Arabic / Indian sunset, from desert towns and rusty post-apocalyptic steampunk with eastern flavor.

After making several builds all involving the same basic format, when I recognized I was following a format, I decided it was time to make this easier for myself and create the basic pattern, a blueprint for later designs.

Tonight looking at pictures of Kowloon and Chinese multi-hi-rise dwellings, the same repeat pattern motifs, well - even with the intention of high-resolution Gaudi style organic living space, garden ledges and forest balconies, the same griddy horizontal and vertical is always necessary for simplicity of making cyber environments which can run on modern computers without crashing them. Thus even in digital my work becomes an era piece.

Coming into focus while working on all of this is the term “medieval space opera”. Of course it has all been done before. The one good thing about technology is that as it progresses, it becomes smaller and less complicated to operate. The perfect technology is telepathic jewellery which re-structures atoms around us to conform the material world to our will, safely. Flowing fabrics which are light to wear and ray-proof and of course as stylish in design as they are comfortable in texture.

The medieval loom prints 3D digital scrolls and is of course a genetically-modified silkwork-spider  creator-creature with whom we can converse regarding its output, much of which is stored in its digitally enhanced memory mesh.

So we don’t need the struggle of energy, mining resources, laying bricks. Flying drones print our dwelling spaces in 3D direct from their bodies hatched in pods. Mechanical insects hatch foliage batches placed in niches all around. Human lives are dedicated instead toward pleasure and hedonism, spiritual development and exploration.

Such dreams amuse me as I make grey boxes and attach them together inside my flatscreen computer using a clunky keyboard and wired mouse, watching in my minds eye touch sensitive holographic projections as interface for the environment by those who intend to be edutained.

Welcome to the holodeck. Something about the 80s cyberpunk genre refuses to die. Is it going out of fashion? Gritty cities at night where a fight in the street and beating your meat to cheap drug fuelled cuties with custom animal bodies and an occasional metalectric limb, toting big guns and a wicked eyed grin. Neon and rain, air that reeks of petro-chemicals and despair. Everything owned and everything has a price. Shadowrun, Blade Runner, simplified right down to the bare element basics.

The city is a multi-story maze in the desert, streets made of mud mixed with chemical to set it to stone, right angles and 45 degree slants, even the arches, even the chiseled faces and bodies of the denizens here with their less than straight lives. It is easy to build, especially now with my tool kit complete enough to work with.

My Builders Sets are available from my store in the Secondlife Market - when it permits me to upload. I currently have backlog of items going back over a year which for reasons unknown the Viewers (I use SL standard and Singularity) have been refusing to send my objects to the store. Possibly this is a good thing because it will result in an inevitable and more cohesive re-brand of everything I have made so far (at best prices).

Saturday, 14 January 2017



snakeappletree's VR gallery


Advertising space
3D content Shop [SRC] (ShadeRunnerCity)
basic Builders urban components

Exhibition featuring:
3D sculpture
Japanese print inspired painterly textural melange
sumi-e watercolours
book cover design (absract expressionist)

shadows at midday

hanging of a gallery

central skylight space


project: tRust development art for Ordo Octopia
textural multi-media layered collages
watercolour / black ink Welsh landscape paintings

concept art for project:tRust by Ordo Octopia
Swansea bay / abstract expressionism
view through the gallery balcony


Cyber Art
screenshots from previous SecondLife builds
2D/3D lunar bumpmap experiments
blue moon series (watercolour & digital)


abstract expressionist dreamscape / digitally enhanced paint




Sunday, 8 January 2017

Space EBR

sTranSpace  Emergency Beacon Responder

STRANSPACE EBR is an automated deep space rescue facility run entirely by robots to reduce Human error. Fee starts at 50 CosmiCreds per 1 standard Terran Month (720 hours flat rate).

What It Does

As soon as you hit the Emergency button fitted to your deep space vessel, a coded frequency signal is sent through sub-space and a Survival Pod is dispatched immediately to your location. It will arrive as soon as is technically possible. The Survival Pod is a basic life support vessel. Once you are safely inside your Survival Pod it will return you to a pre-arranged location of your choosing (additional fee’s apply) otherwise to the Depot (additional fee’s apply) otherwise will float adrift indefinitely while emitting a local distress signal on multiple frequencies (free service). Your fee will continue to accumulate until such time as the Pod is sent offline where it will automatically return to the depot. 

DISCLAIMER: You do not own the Survival Pod nor its contents. This is a rental scheme only. All damages and accumulated charges will be added to your monthly tariff.

Each  sTranSpace Emergency Beacon Responder  is fitted with the following:

1 x Hexagonal Deep Space Survival Pod
1 x O2H2O™ Life Support System
1 x Vacuum-U™ Stasis Casket
1 x Deep Space Radio Beacon
1 x Munch Pack (6 month supply)
1 x Automated subspace computer linked to the Depot
1 x Cheapomatic nuclear fission based plasma generator Warp-Hole Drive

O2H2O™ is an algae based photo-voltaic electrical energy and dim-light generator LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEM primarily designed for filtration and recombination of the crude elements Oxygen and Hydrogen into potable Water and breathable Air. It is an elegant if somewhat basic device requiring little maintenance. Surplus algae can be ingested for nutritional value. Each O2H2O™ unit is designed for one individual Terran sized Human being and will last indefinitely if used properly in conjunction with a Vacuum-U™ Stasis Casket. 

Vaccum-U™ Stasis Casket is a standard adapted food-grade carbon-freeze technology.

Additional Life Support, Stasis Pods and Munch Packs are available depending on your monthly contract package.

Legal Disclaimer:
The company registered as sTranSpace bares zero responsibility for failure of any equipment and resulting deaths.


Tuesday, 3 May 2016

SL Great Sims

SecondLife is the worlds premier Virtual Reality platform and has been active for over a decade, long before vr goggles became commercially available.

I joined SL in 2012 when I finally got a powerful enough computer. It has changed my life.

I have learned that in VR everything is transient. The environments we create and cohabit change over time and will ultimately disappear. What remains of them is any 2D snapshot photographs, machinima and memories.

This blog series is about sharing some of the atmosphere and emotions created by the SL Master Builders whose environmental works of art I have been fortunate enough to experience.

The task of showcasing all of the best of SL is impossible as there is so much of it; thus this humble effort is merely a tiny insight into a much vaster world. It is for purposes of nostalgia and for introducing new people to what SecondLife is all about.

There are some amazing people who do regular professional blogs about SL Sims and Events. I do not intend to keep this series going beyond having recorded for posterity a small handful of those Sims which really stand out to me as being something special. The criteria is that I wander around them in a state of 'wow!' and gather my senses enough to take as many snapshots as possible, enough of an impact to do some research and compilation.

I make no claim of ownership, this is for educational and marketing purposes only.

Unfortunately I did not 'get into this' blogging about sims during my formative years. As a result I have very little to show of the works of master builder Jedda Zenovka who took me on as a student and showed me how to do a lot of things. I am deeply indebted to her passion for creativity in VR. Her work truly stands out - it is organic and pulses with life.

Unfortunately I was banned from Builders Brewery when one of the admin there Pavl Duke decided to cyber bully me because I replied to somebodies request for information on their group chat instead of by PM which is an easy mistake to make and 99.99% of other sims do not have that restriction. I had apologized and it was not good enough for him so I told him to leave me alone. BB is a great sim but like so many internet forums, the admin are the trolls and they have no empathy thus are inhuman and problematic to deal with. Do not let one bad apple spoil the orchard.

©SecondLife is property of Linden Labs

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

the kohl club

Ah me seems to wasting an inaudible amount of time in 3D constructing versions of a Goth venue inspired by cathedral architecture and basement clubs. Eventually one of them will do, like ravens in the dark grabbed through the late-night sleaze-haze of tibetan-musk scented fog machine and whatever cocktail the mashy group-mind are thriving on this night; vodka and black or cider and black or rum and ginger or pills or spliffs or grog and usually someone is on all of the above to bring it on. Grabbed and snogged in an alcove and pleasured until cenobytes come oozing out of the walls and everyone smiling through tear-stained mascara.

The Kohl club is this place and the music is awesome, something familiar yet new, prototypical vibes from shadows inside. You knew when you came in here you would be coming back for more, you have keys to the open door so long as you fit in and i am sure darling that you fit in well.

This is a scene from a dream that has not quite been although it's splattered all over the globe in its dribbulous drabulous most fabulous guises. Here, retro meets cyber meets all things black. That's the dress code and we don't cut slack.

Photo's to follow. 

This one is for SecondLife VR when we can afford to rent the land and figure out how the dj stuff works. 

Some WIPs for your sincerely treasured pleasures.
These have not got any final textures on yet.

Fifteen minutes after posting this up I came back to sort out typo's, much satisfied and surprised to find 80 beautiful people have clicked on this already. Totally open to suggestion as it is that sort of place. Comments below for the brave of face.

So the base is 28x38 its 2 stories high and anticipated at 16 Prim for the very basic 'pillars & arches' box; any more detail than that (lights fog tables chairs wall-art) and it quickly rises. Doing it at all means it's worth doing it right. Up late into the night until it's done, having fun. If i can't get the land it will be in sl market and in great demand.

Update: 12 hours later there's 170 views. Hell that's a lot of pressure to do this thing and get it right. Assuming it to indicate a need for such things in the world as more cybergoth clubs I will persevere.

                                          PLEASE JOIN GROUP SLGOTH INWORLD!

Update 20.1.16:
Twin Blog HERE and you will be interested to know how Masonic ritual affects the lives of all you who have gotten involved by sending your Attention-Energy through these grids.

Update 7.7.17:
the Kohl Club is for now located at:  Tabula Rasa #13,  (215, 166, 201)
for purposes of its construction and development and a grand opening ceremony tba.

graffiti competition for backstage wall

in an alcove

ornate wrought iron door

vino tinto / snakebite / vodka / rum / caffeine

cloak room lockers

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Axiom Arts

copyright image shared for educational purposes, international fair use policy

The Axiom Center for the Alternate Arts, previous known as The Center, 57-59 Winchecombe Street, Cheltenham, UK was shut down at the turn of the millenium after three decades of keeping an authentic seventies new age movement alive in the heart of the Midlands of Britain. Situated in a big old Mill building on three levels, it was a haven and very much loved. Its closure is something most of its regulars will probably never recover from. Places like this happen only once in every three or more generations. I was lucky to have been a small part of it.

The Center consisted of and combined the following;
Art Galleries, Art Studio, Workshops, Vegan Cafe, Bar, Nightclub, Private Music Studio, Trust Library, Children's Indoor Play Area, Occasional Flea Market,

You could get a cup of tea there for 25p. Its clientele were essentially single parents, artists, poets, musicians, underground scene, street people, collectively unified under the umbrella term 'hippies'. Straight society hated it. Its purity was so powerful that it took them thirty years to close it down, somehow it survived the cull of the eighties.

13 years later and I am making good on a promise I made in the hot shadows of the dancefloor, a shouted conversation by young excited creatives coming of age; to create a digital version of the Axiom environment. Back then there was no SecondLife. Only 1 in fifty people had their own internet access and a mobile phone. There was no such thing as wifi. The technological revolution came swiftly and it ended an era. Between 1997 and 1998 we all went from laughing at the minority of yuppies with portable phones permanently stuck to their hands, to not being able to live without them. Mobile phones that is, not yuppies. The culture changed dramatically from learning to listen to our inner selves to be able to accurately locate a person anywhere in town and a community who were spiritually advanced enough to be living that way.

There exist very few photographs of the Axiom in internetland as it was in its heyday. A part of its energy is the magick which can only happen when no technology is around. A very big part of the ethos of the late 1990s Axiom people was to 'keep things off the internet' and to live as far as possible without technology; an ethos influenced partly by different subcultures which sought to live without money and/or had none anyway. And partly, mostly; with respect of permacultural transition and with the spiritual beliefs of indigenous peoples. The important things are those which money cannot buy.

It seems we gave up on that. We had no choice, faced with insurmountable odds. The technocracy won. There are, at least there were at the time, those who would consider a cyber version of the Axiom to be a blasphemy against all that which it stood for. Archaic Revivalism as lifestyle and skills set for development of spiritually capable human beings. The machine represented slavery, environmental pollution and reliance on devices to achieve what our teachers showed us we are capable of doing naturally with a little effort. Its domination represents the end to that effort, the end to the achievement of that ability. The extra-sensory ability develops from what is now an obsolete lifestyle, at the cost of exploitation of natural resources. The mainstream chose a different direction of evolutionary progress which the hippies have had to assimilate as a art of the greater picture. All part of Gaia's agenda.

Axiom Art Center SL build

I will keep this going for as long as I can afford to fund an appropriately sized parcel in SecondLife. Donations truly welcome. It is fifteen years since I was there and I was not privy to see inside every room. This combined with the necessity to reduce prim count for SL (geek talk; in non-internet language that means 'insufficient memory to add more objects'), plus the time it takes to construct even basic items in 3D has forced compromises between the cyber-rendition and the original building.

I have tried wherever possible to keep the original character of the building as I knew it in the late nineties shortly before it was closed. From photographs on the internet as well as memory of how the space felt to be in. This nostalgic historic archive of a 3D version of the very much loved Axiom building and scene. 


After deliberating, it was finally decided that in all probability, if given an infinite budget, the restoration of the Axiom in real life would feature things which can so easily be achieved in cyberspace, it would be foolish not to make the best of all worlds.

Maintaining the original character of the site and making the build as as close to exact replica of the real building as possible, is still very much the intention. In true keeping with the ethos of permaculture and urban renewal, involving philosophies and techniques appearing increasingly in the real world, it has been decided to alter the digital version from the real version by adding a roof garden to an otherwise boring architectural dead space. It is something that a lot of 'the Axiom people' wishfully joked about on more than one occasion.

Some other features have also been modernized, such as the kitchen, basement space and to allow light into otherwise unnecessarily gloomy pokey corners.

"The scale of objects in SL is different from Real Life. Even if you create your avatar to be similar to your actual height, you would still find that objects done on the same scale would feel too small and buildings too claustrophobic. Therefore, many things are built 1/3 to 1/2 again as big as they would be in reality. For example, I find it hard to maneuver in an SL building with walls shorter than 5m." Bob Sutor 

Axiom SL Build, proposed Permanent Exhibitions:


-Demise of Naivety & Aspirant 
(retro of Axiom as Art Centre & associated philosophies)

-The Gathering of the Tribes (End of Millennium in Fashion & Subculture) 


Exhibition Space for 2D Paintings & 3D sculpture

Rolling Review (interesting arts blogs found around the web)

Workshop space:
      sessions and lessons in; yoga, astrology, theater, shamanism, dance, storytelling, &etc 

Vegan Cafe & Chill Out Environment

Flea Market in the Courtyard (Babbage's Brilliant Bargains)

Night Club Events (for dj's with Nicecast or equivalent)

Live Jam Sessions (through SL voice audio feed)

If you are interested in becoming involved in any of this, please IM me (snakeappletree) in the grid. 

Update Nov 2015
Axiom Arts build is currently on haitus until it finds a new suitable location. It will return!