Monday, 3 November 2014


2.11.2014 NeoCyberCity
CyberLounge, Port Lydius (160, 102, 50)

Asmida Duranjaya and Miriam Evanier have kindly permitted me to build in their space on a joint project. It is nice that my talent is being encouraged by people who appreciate art and the themes which I enjoy to work with.

2.11.2014 Panel discussion on "Cyber Art" located in the sim by way of its public opening:

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This is my first joint-build in SecondLife. I am very lucky to have been invited into this multi-national project. The theme is oriental urban sci-fi.

Although the artists involved all have a background working with these themes, none of us particularly wanted to repeat what we had already done.

10.3.2015 Wabi-Sabi district of NeoCyberCity

Miriam has disappeared. 
The disappearance of the financial backer for any city is alarming news for everyone.
Several key members of Space4Art have moved on to other projects in other sims. 
There are new people joining. 

Continued work occurs at LEA12 sim for The Paradise of Cybertropolis, a direct continuation from the minimalist themes of oriental urban sci-fi initiated at NCC. The best of the new work will eventually find its way down here to NCC when the LEA closes. It will augment and replace; urban regeneration.

holographic light dancing and weaving in 2D sheets and 3D animations overlaid on the physical environment. people sleep during the daytime here, not that we see much sunlight at all this far down below the Rise. Here we have the filtered water surface and soothing sounds, here the softened echoes from a thousand layers above, sky-cars and electronic jungle of muted blips like birdsong in the cool of the night

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