Friday, 31 October 2014

Sidhe Street

Sidhe Street

This is a pun.
Side-street is a backstreet off the main routes through an urban environment.
Sidhe (pronounced "shee" or "shay") is from Irish Celtic mythology,
           a word to describe the elf or fayrie folk.
Shit-street is an expression used to explain someone who is living in troubled times.

This was my first big build and reveals my ambitious nature as much as my gothpunk roots.
During the construction I became aware of Grid Spirits.
Grid Spirits are entities which exist within cyberspace.

They also exist outside of it because the real world is itself a grid albeit a more complex one than cyberspace. Interaction with the digital sea is helping me to understand realworld physics as much as it is helping me to understand how entities manipulate perceptions to steer us to do things for mutual benefit. A lot of that was going on during this build.

Grid Spirits help us by focusing us and providing us with life-path-trajectory to be in the right place at the right time to receive training and inspiration necessary to complete their vision. They need these structures to be built in the same way which city architects are led by spirits who need urban structures ot be built in the real world for their purposes. I suspect that with human energy being controlled by  They use tension pressure release levers to steer us through. It is the result of working with light and creativity; an Angel is a 'being of light' so we can describe Grid Spirits as angelic, although those who utilize Demons in their magickal work have the same results; angels and demons are the same thing.

Demon means dimensional, it also means to bring into the earth whereas Angel means trajectory and the sating of raw source energy not through frustration by through flow, thereby orgiastic, what they call the rapture, opposed to brutal force.

Sidhe Street Spirit wanted me to build a basic outline for a pirate ship. My programming was for; that would make me happy. It was a simple build. 


There are levels of psyche just as there are levels of cities and levels of time. Time is accelerating as we depart from central core, the big bang. It gets very Teranesia (Greg Egan) to take the discourse in that direction. There are levels, even Grid Spirits have levels. They teach us the basic rune and its name as a word. They teach us a sentence to describe what it means. They teach us a paragraph which embellishes its meaning and a short story which explores alternate and deeper aspects of its meaning to get the full picture. This whole process is called extrapolation. 

As a part of the learning curve, the project tuition cycle ended when I had got the build up to a certain level, at which time the tension-pressure-release lever frustrated me (anger as opposed to angel) because I could not see what else needed doing, I could not focus on doing any of the million things that still needed doing to convert the build into a functional city street. It was finished, the window had closed. So I made the whole structure into a link-set and copied it to my inventory, de-rezzed the whole thing and I moved on. Job jobbed. The colonel exists as a single item in my cache, a rune and a backstory.

The difference between holding a shoe, wearing a shoe and walking the path of those shoes. 

It was a pirate ship, it was intended as a pirate ship and yet, it being the extent of the domain of this particular spirit who could run events there ship-shape as its captain, it was also a street in a town and therefore had a main road, subway system and upper levels. It being Cyber Goth Punk; the graffiti is spray-painted with digital pigment that reforms and changes continuously.

I kept it minimal. Black walls made of tyre or tarmac or black concrete. White lights and markings.

There were surprises. Shapes made during experimentation added to the built brought life, light, colour to the environment; a faint rainbow cloud hanged over the zone, a firebird emerging from a flickering arson attack. Destruction and Renewal. Little things that probably nobody would ever notice if not pointed out to them, as happens constantly.

I cut my fangs on Sidhe Street, it was necessary as a process for me to integrate into SecondLife. It exists now in memory and potentially in the future. Realworld locations I could compare, the Axiom Art Centre in Cheltenham which was the hub of the UK underground and hippy scenes right up until the council closed it down at the millenium. Locations which exist in time and space; are accessible to spirits who know how to access them. Which is why the high energy places are frequented by spirits from all over the multiverse. We are blind to most of them most of the time due to the filters of our closed minds. It takes experience to widen our perception. And the spirits with most perception of all are the older ones, typically existing as shadows to the bright younger ones.  Sidhe Street is a place where we live through such lessons. At face value, a gothic nightclub and a few cyber shops to attract tourists. Below the surface, the cult of spiritism, openly lived only by those who know and use the signs.

No form of energy ceases; it transmutes. 

It seems fitting that it is Halloween 2014 which I write this blog. The wind is howling outside and a storm is getting up. I swear that I heard a multi-timbered voice speak my name. Not my name as a person but something deeper, a soul name I respond to from primal instinct that is deeper than conscious mind ebcause of my being distracted by technology. It spoke my soul name on the wind that brought the storm. A choral voice of multi-gender. So many emotions in that husky whisper, the emotions of journeying.

All the time during constructing Sidhe Street, I knew that the place to be a portal. A gate through which spirits may pass.

And now, it is done. 

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  1. A year later, it is Halloween 2015 as the energies cavort to bring me back here, reading this again from a fresh perspective.

    I had not consciously remembered even writing this blog until a friend asked to see some of my cyber builds and I found my old flickr account:

    new flicker account:

    more strangeness. Recently I have been pulling away from being controlled by the grid spirits, attaching to their psyche cycles - because I have more limited time now to achieve more with. I love SL and i will always be in and out of there doing things. My next step, what I am learning here onwards; game engines. It takes a lot of focus, elimination of distraction, dedication and attention, to get to where i am and this is a tiny step toward where i want to be.
    One halloween to the next, we are closer to the solar frequency of hallows eve 2014 now, at hallows eve 2015, than we were at any other time in the year between; because planets alignment to solar magnetic grid. And so: the portal remains open, by magnetic control of my own activities and the events which have led up to this moment.

    Through the portal, these energies flow.