Thursday, 2 February 2017

Brutal Deco"

Multi-Funk Mansions

The Spice Haus project was a breakthough and first in a series. This second one is bigger, ambitious and refined. Originally copied from a medieval inn, it juggles and settles somewhere between the three main themes I am working with: angled edges of brutalist corporate 80s cyberpunk, desert dwellings and Kausao City. The latter are both sandstone while the cyberpunk to do it justice should be greyscale with shadows and shine. Midnight blue features in two of the three. 

These buildings do not really know what they want to be, simply that they do want to be.  They have a combination of features which makes them very versatile. Is it an inn, a garage, a company office, a mansion? They are multifunctional mansions which is the best title for the series. There will be more - and they are becoming easier to make because growing library of custom shapes, building blocks for the series and shop.

The WIP pictures above represent 6 hours slog. 
I don't know if that is fast or slow. 
Everything is scratch-built. 
The design grew from the illustration below 
(top right)

NB: there will be hyperlinks on this blog when my browser stops glitching.

3rd (WIP): calling this one The Depot

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